Hollywood Smile

The smile is what attracts us the most when we meet new people as well as the smiles of the artists that are always shine on our television screens. As in some studies that have been conducted on group of people, the smile is what attracts us the most as in this study they showed various pictures of unknown people to the group of people conducted research on them so those with equal and whiter teeth were chosen as the most beautiful people.

With the passage of time and age, our teeth are exposed to several factors that lead to yellowing of the teeth and appearance of many problems. Nowadays it became easy to obtain a bright smile through the development of cosmetic dentistry.

Among these solutions that has proven its effectiveness over the past years is:


Hollywood Smile


The general idea behind the “Hollywood Smile” technique is to eliminate various defects in the teeth to obtain a consistent and white smile. This technology depends on several different factors in order to obtain a natural and attractive tooth shape from these factors:

-Skin, lips and gum color

-The shape and size of the gums

-The patient’s natural tooth color

-The degree of contraction of the lip muscles

-The length and size of the teeth

– The percentage of teeth appearing while squatting

What makes this technique preferred by many people is that it constitutes a final solution to the most dental problems and we can divide the “Hollywood smile” into two types:

1- Fixed Hollywood smile:

This type mainly depends on veneers or what is known as dental lenses, which they are transparent or semi-transparent shells with a thin thickness but strong and solid, they are specially made and shaped for each individual separately, where they are placed on real teeth in order to make a perfect smile

Veneers are divided into two types:

-Porcelain veneers: This type is characterized by strength, stiffness and resistance to scratching or fracture as it resembles real teeth so it helps giving the appearance of natural teeth, although it is resistant to various stains and tooth discoloration

-Composite resign veneers: What distinguishes this type is the ease of replacement and repair if the teeth is exposed to any problem, but it is less solid than porcelain.


2- Moving Hollywood smile:

It is an easily removable layer of veneers that resemble moving dental implants and it is famous as temporary or immediate smile and it is characterized by several advantages:

-It lasts more than 5 years

-It is not affected by stains or discolored by smoking

-There is no pain during operation

-There is no need to drill teeth before putting them

-The operation is performed without anesthesia or permanent adhesive materials

-It is done through two treatment sessions

To avoid complications during the operation the patient should be in good health and he does not suffer from any infections or problems in the gums or teeth, if you have a problem from these mentioned problems:

-Differences and distances between the teeth

-Notched or serrated teeth

-Inequivalent teeth in length or size

-Broken teeth

-Yellow teeth


One of the best solutions for you to obtain “HOLLYWOOD SMILE” in Hoor Elaliaa clinic.