Partial Crown / inlay

Partial Crown inlays and onlays are indirect fillings

About Crowns

Inner Or Outer

Partial Crown inlays and onlays are indirect fillings. If a tooth is too damaged to be fixed by a simple filling, the dentist may use an inlay or onlay to repair the tooth. Ideal for situations in which the damage isn’t too extensive, our dentists may choose an inlay or onlay instead of applying a full-coverage crown. we use the CAD/CAM or CEREC technology not only for full crowns and veneers but also for durable and high-aesthetic fillings (Inlays). As well as Onlays (partial crowns) to cover a missing/broken part of the tooth
Aesthetic dentistry deals with the teeth, both aesthetically and functionally. This branch of dental science is an important branch that interests many individuals, especially those who must appear to people with beautiful and attractive appearances or even anyone else who cares about their appearance and strives to have a beautiful face and bright teeth.

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